Chef Franck Pontais

Franck Pontais is a leading French chef, born in Paris.

Franck began his career at the age of 14 asS a butchers apprentice before heading to the prestigious culinary school CEPROCs At the age of 22 Franck was invited by Harrods to expand their delicatessen counter, before joining Selfridges six years later where he launched their deli counter in both London and Manchester.

Franck introduced the UK to the term Verrines (gourmet food presented individual glasses and has written a cookbook entitled “Terrines& Verrines “).

Recently he joined the team at Koppert Cress and looks after Innovation and Development for the UK and UAE "He was awarded member of World Chef Society 2015, Disciples of Escoffier 2011 and awarded ACF palme culinaire.

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