Easter Offer 2019 Terms & Conditions

1. This offer is valid for a limited range of products. 
2. This offer applies only to non-discounted products and can not be used in combination with other promotions.
3. This offer is only valid for  Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg.
4. This offer is valid only online on www.attiluskaviar.com or our other affiliated websites.
5. This offer ends on 21.04.2019 at 23:59.
6. The discount does not apply to the delivery charges. Please read the information about our delivery costs on our website.
7. All refunds will take this discount into account.
8. Attilus reserves the right to change the terms of this offer at any time without notice by doing so online. Other Attilus' Terms & Conditions and Policies apply.
9. The images in this offer are for illustration purposes only. For more information, please visit our website: www.attiluskaviar.com or other our affiliated websites.
10. Sales items have limited availability and are very popular. We can not guarantee the availability of sales items and will reimburse the amount to your credit or debit card in exceptional cases when the items are no longer available. This information will be sent to you by e-mail.

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