Gamberro rossa & Attlius caviar, yuzu condiment extra virgin olive oil


Recipe serves 4

Gamberro rossa 520gr
Sea salt Maldon 12gr
Ground White Pepper 8gr
Extra virgin olive oil N 5 20gr
Yuzu 20gr
Mache salad 20gr
Lion´s tooth salad 20gr
Parsley 20gr
Mustard sprout 20gr
Mustard leaf 20gr
Beet leaf 20gr
Red radish 20gr


1.Cook the prawns in lightly simmering water until pink in colour.

2.Remove and refresh then peel.

3.Arrange the Gamberro onto a serving dish and dress with the flowers and salad leaves.

4.Mix together the the oil, yuzu and fresh ground pepper and drizzle over the dish.

5.Top with the Attilus caviar.

6.Serve immediatly.

Chef Philippe Bossert

Philippe Bossert is a truly passionate chef who loves to share, pulling from nature to give him all the flavors he demands in his cooking.

Philippe is always aware that every product has been achieved from someone else’s hard work and with this mind-set, he offers a contemporary cuisine mixing his Alsacian roots with generosity and visual balance.

Philippe has attained 2 Michelin stars and works as the Executive chef at Le Mirador Resort & Spa - Lake Geneva, Switzerland, before that he was the Executive chef at the Cairo Marriott & Omar Khayyam Casino - Egypt , the Opening Exec chef at Salam Hospitality, a five star luxury operation in Qatar , as well as a variety of 5 star luxury hotels in France, Russia, Portugal and Germany including at the Hotel Negresco Restaurant “Le Chantecler- 2 Michelin* and Hotel Martinez Cannes 2 Michelin*a Leading Hotel of the World.

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